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What We Do

Our Philosophy

JOPL is committed to practical and realistic consultancy. This means we will listen to you, apply our wide range of expertise to understand the full implications of your problem, and provide the most direct, simple, and cost-effective solution.


JOPL has a strong network of industry specialists. We all work financially and structurally independently, and draw on each other’s expertise to provide the best support for our clients.


We believe Australian businesses can make legislative requirements work for them. For example, safety law is often seen as a negative, time costly experience. We provide ethical and legally compliant strategy, changing attitudes towards safety by focusing on how safety, quality and environmental management is valued in the workplace.


Management Systems

Our core business is based on developing, implementing, and monitoring integrated or discrete management systems, designed to:

  • Support the growth of your business.
  • Identify legal responsibilities and accountabilities.
  • Set the standards of behaviour in your workplaces.
  • Provide systems to achieve practical legislative compliance.
  • Achieve relevant prequalification or certification requirements.


Our Management Systems are based around the following key areas and Standards, but may include any Australian or International Standard as required:

  • Safety (AS/NZ 48001, ISO 18001).
  • Quality (ISO 9001).
  • Environment (ISO 14001).


Ranging from under $1,000.00 for simple safety systems, to multinational integrated HSEQ systems, we can design a system to suit your business and budget. 


Legislative Compliance

JOPL recognises that legislative compliance is a broad concept and that Australian businesses have a lot to deal with, including employment, contracts, intellectual property, insurance, director duties, company structure, taxation, and commercial interaction. 


JOPL’s team has a diverse background, including consultants with regulatory and legal, academic, and practical industry experience. Our team, and our wider network, offers your business high-level support as it navigates the complexities of legal compliance. 


Risk Registers

WHS legislation requires a business to identify its risks, control measures, and to demonstrate continuous improvement. Australian and International Standards also require organisations to identify the risks which may affect (both positive and negative) their activities.


We offer three levels of Risk-Register development, from the high-level corporate Risk Register to the practical identification of workplace hazards, and can tailor our Risk Registers to your business and budget.


Employee Handbook

Your people are the most important asset in your business. As part of good business management, you need to look after your people by setting clear expectations and behavioural requirements.


Our industrial relations experts design employee handbooks and simple and effective induction processes to support business growth.


JOPL consultants are available to induct your employees, to help guide positive workplace relations without conflict: Let us say the difficult things!



JOPL provides a unique approach to auditing. With experience in investigations, workers compensation, general litigation, and WHS prosecutions, we focus on the questions you will be asked if something goes wrong.


JOPL consultants provide investigative and coaching audits, which aim to achieve the following:

Identify what documentation and evidence is relevant for your business to achieve legislative compliance.

  • Support your team to understand and implement legislative and other requirements.
  • Gauge your business’ performance.
  • Gauge your business’ preparedness for certification.


Auditing is typically divided into three categories:

  • 1st Party: Internal auditing, where a company audits its own performance to Australian/ International Standards.
  • 2nd Party: where a company or organisation audits its suppliers, or an industry group audits its members, to assess compliance to a set of specified criteria, typically Australian / International Standards.
  • 3rd Party: external auditing, typically resulting in certification to an Australian / International Standard.


JOPL’s consultants are trained and certified Lead Auditors, qualified to perform the above categories of audits. We offer a range of auditing models, designed to suit your business’ needs and budget.


Monitoring and Support

JOPL can facilitate your management review meetings, employee meetings, and support your general WHS, Quality, and Environment needs.


We have a range of packages available, designed to take the stress out of WHS, Quality and Environment compliance.


In addition, our consultants are able to provide a broad range of support activities, including:

  • Training.
  • Coaching.
  • Auditing.
  • Incident Investigations.
  • HR Investigations.
  • State Regulatory Advocacy and Support.
  • Prosecutorial Support.
  • Risk Assessments.
  • Tender Assessments.
  • Prequalification Support.
  • Industrial Relations Support.
  • Workers Compensation Support.
  • Statement Drafting.
  • Expert Witness Work.
  • HSEQ Coordination (contract/vacation support).
  • Injury Management coordination (contract/vacation support)